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Our Process

At Montrose Park Advisors, we approach each client engagement with flexibility, respect, and consideration. Our client-centric model starts with a minimum of two initial meetings where we offer a detailed assessment of the client's fiscal situation, financial concerns and goals.  It is common for us to set more than two initial appointments with potential clients and spend several hours getting to know people before we make any recommendations.

Once we have determined our client's wants, needs, concerns, and goals, we create an individualized action plan and make recommendations based on that information. After offering our suggestions, we encourage our clients to consider their options before deciding how they want to proceed. We know that decisions involving money can be difficult and we believe giving our clients time to consider our suggestions before jumping into a strategy is an essential part of the process.  

We have also learned the value of a quality over quantity experience when it comes to serving individuals in this industry. We intentionally serve less clients than many financial advisors so that the clients we serve can have more of our time and attention. Our clients receive the benefit of regular portfolio reviews and a pressure-free, educational environment. The time and attention we spend on our select client base helps us to ensure that any changes that may occur in your life are quickly addressed in your plan.  

If you are ready for independent and unbiased financial advice that is based on respect, sincerity, and compassion, schedule an appointment with Montrose Park Advisors and take control of your financial future today.